York Festival of Ideas logo design
Marketing material design
Marketing material design
Logo design and brand identity

York Festival of Ideas

Festival identity and design of annual theme plus promotional collateral for the ever-growing festival.

'Mode was briefed to develop the logo for the first festival in 2011 and has worked on the subsequent ones. From 2013 it was decided to sub- brand the year’s theme visually which allows the festival to differentiate and refresh year on year.

The logo is designed to reflect the variety and subject matter of the events as well as hint at the historical city location. The smaller, ‘abstract’ elements in the logo are directly based on architectural features around York.

The festival is an absorbing mix of education, entertainment and inspiration and is already the UK’s largest free event festival. It is widely promoted in and around Yorkshire and publicised nationally with adverts appearing in the Guardian and Aesthetica magazine.

Design requirements include an extensive brochure, banners, posters, bookmarks, cards, adverts and beermats.