Working with organisations from start ups to multimillion pound bodies. Each one given an effective brand presence.

Mode devised the name and imagery for the NHS Scotland Leadership Programme Xceed. The deliberate misuse of the capital X tied in with x-ray imagery that reflected the hospital environment and also the ability of good managers to understand the inner workings of an organisation. Collateral included leaflet, posters and brochure.

WhitbyDAG's aim is to assist people with disabilities to live as independent a life as possible. A roaming dot from the letter 'i' symbolised that freedom. Working with a steering group it was suggested the dot of early designs looked like a dandelion head in the wind. I developed that suggestion to create the final version of the logo.

Greg McGee runs a white cube gallery in York and is also an engaging professional photographer. Mode designed a logo to reflect the personal, contemporary and fashionable nature of his work.

Astrocampus needed a clean science friendly brand that conveyed the wonders, complexity and fun of astronomy for their diverse audience ranging from school pupils to undergraduates.